We always say that the game of football and physical distance do not go together, that’s for sure. But realize that the three hours of the game time represents a small fraction of the overall week of the team being together. So I think part of how we address that is trying to make sure that everyone who gets to the field is not infected and we do that again through all of the protocols we have in place. We also have a very extensive testing program for surveillance, trying to detect any new cases as quickly as we can, make sure we get that person isolated, treated appropriately and removed from that team environment to prevent outbreaks. So I think part of how we mitigate risk on the field is arriving to the field uninfected.

But we’ve also, again, looked at some things on the field that can mitigate risk, such as these Oakley mouth shields. … It’s basically if you think about an eye visor that some of our players have worn, it’s an extension of that where you have a multilayer plastic device with a filter in it that actually does come down and cover the nose and mouth area. So we think there are some things like that that on the field can be beneficial again in mitigating risk.