“If she’s the future of the Republican party, we’re in trouble,” complained freshman Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), who was ousted in a June primary by a far-right candidate after officiating a gay wedding. “QAnon is the mental gonorrhea of conspiracy theories. It’s disgusting and you want to get rid of it as fast as possible.”

“If there’s people [in the GOP] espousing these views, it’s a massive drag on the Republican Party,” Riggleman added.

Yet to the consternation of many House Republicans, McCarthy (R-Calif.) did little to thwart Greene’s bid. He stayed neutral in the primary runoff, despite initially calling Greene’s comments “appalling” and saying he has no tolerance for them. POLITICO first reported on Greene’s history of racist and anti-Semitic comments in June…

“Kevin McCarthy puffed his chest out about stripping Steve King of his committee assignments, then sat on the sidelines and let another Steve King walk away with this race in GA14,” said one GOP source. “It’s political malpractice and Republicans will be answering for her for years to come.”