“I was just one of those people, just like millions of other Americans, that just started looking at other information,” Greene said. “And so, yeah, there was a time there for a while that I had read about Q, posted about it, talked about it, which is some of these videos you’ve seen come out. But once I started finding misinformation, I decided that I would choose another path.”

One example of “misinformation” she cited was that the 2018 midterm elections were “safe” for Republicans when in reality Democrats made huge gains and retook the House.

But that’s hardly the only piece of information QAnon detractors take issue with. And Greene’s past videos espousing QAnon theories as “worth listening to” and declaring “Q is a patriot” have caused alarm — even among GOP politicians…

“This wasn’t part of my campaign,” Greene said. “It hasn’t been anything I’ve talked about for quite a long time now. What I’m interested in is saving Americans from socialism. That means putting American policies first, and that means stopping the radical left, and their Democrat socialist policies that they want to pass that would wreck our economy, kill our jobs and take away our freedoms. Those are the things I’m working on.”