Republicans already took such a stand with Steve King, the now-outgoing congressman whose track record of racist comments finally culminated in him losing his committee assignments. Republican voters tossed King in part because he had no power to deliver for his district. Denying Greene committee seats on arrival would let Republicans know that, much like King’s racism, absurd conspiracy theorists have no spot at the top of the party.

Republicans were willing to make a far braver stand, coming out against Roy Moore in the 2017 Alabama Senate special election. Enough GOP voters decided not to vote for Moore, leading to Democrat Doug Jones trimming the GOP’s Senate margin. If Republicans can sacrifice a Senate seat to keep the party respectable, denying a first-term House member a committee seat for two years should be nothing.

The Republican Party already has to deal with the never-ending assault from the media, universities, and the cultural elite. That doesn’t mean it has to make it easy for them by welcoming members such as Greene. Let Democrats, with Ilhan Omar and “the Squad,” be the party of kooks and conspiracy nuts.