Focusing in on Kasich, the New Jersey Republican, who was a rival of Kasich’s during the 2016 presidential primary, continued, “Just to show you where John Kasich’s standing is in the Republican Party: When he was the only Republican governor left on the stage in 2016 — Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich, [were] the three candidates left — do you know how many Republicans governors, of his colleagues, his sitting colleagues, endorsed John Kasich? Zero.”

Christie explained, “And the reason they didn’t endorse him is because he’s a backstabber, and he’s an untruthful guy. And so, tonight, Republicans are going to look at that and go, ‘you can have him. Please, believe me, give us a break, get him out of our party, you take him for a little while, because on top of that, I’ve worked with John a lot. He’s exhausting.”

“Joe Biden’s going to be getting calls from John Kasich — he’s going to want to change his phone number,” Christie laughed.