She switches positions to whatever is most expedient, and during her campaign for President, her positions changed seemingly based on her social media feedback. The louder the voices cried, the quicker she changed her mind. Her entire campaign was run by Twitter. Small wonder she could be taken out by Tulsi Gabbard and ended her campaign before Super Tuesday.

If Harris has any guiding force, it isn’t principle. It is naked ambition. And if Joe Biden wins he is essentially handing her the keys to the White House. Sure, this is frightening to conservatives, but there are more than a few progressives who are uneasy with Harris as Biden’s running mate. At a time when progressive sentiment is against police officers, she herself is practically a cop.

Most of these progressives will still vote for Biden, mind you. They aren’t going to drop their fight against Donald Trump simply because Harris scares them. But they are not happy, and they are losing faith in the Democratic Party’s ability to truly represent them. If Biden, an old, white man who has been in power forever, and Harris, who is essentially a cop, are the best the Democratic Party can do, they might just bail before much longer.