Imagine that addled crustacean up on the debate stage. It’s actually painful. First, they would have to get him dressed for the occasion, and you know he’d argue that he should be able to wear his bathrobe and black socks. Then someone would have to tie him to the lectern to ensure he didn’t wander off. His opening statement would be all about the need to get those damn kids off his lawn.

We all know an elderly relative who is just not with it anymore. It’s sad, and their own frustration often manifests in angry and incoherent outbursts. Remember “Look, fat, look, here’s the deal” and his push-up contest challenge? Yeah, America wants that guy with his infamous fingers hovering over the Big Red Button.

And who is the one guy who is unsurpassed in his ability to make Democrats mad, in both senses of the word? The very same guy who will be next to Biden on that stage.

So, what’s Biden going to say when Trump hits him about his son Hoover’s foreign entanglements with China, Ukraine and, at least in terms of powdery exports, Bolivia? And do not put it past Trump to get Biden sputtering by making it rain with references to Hoover’s controversial domestic entanglements – Biden’s unhinged responses to Trump’s references to the pole are sure to poll badly.