Those now rejecting Trump see that his slice-and-dice-the-electorate brand of politics isn’t a winning formula for the Republican Party or a sustainable future for the United States. Nor is moving further into the nether-regions of anti-intellectual, know-nothingism. Trump’s reflexive rejection of expertise, science, and data-driven decision-making show that he lacks the competency needed to lead this country.

But as Bannon encouraged him, Trump continues to exploit our anxieties and anger, stoking xenophobia to drive his base to the polls for his personal political benefit rather than inspiring us to solve America’s problems. His false choice is that if voters don’t choose Trump, they must want socialism or Antifa to come loot their neighborhood or have Mexican drug cartels take over or further liberalize abortion. In reality, we can fight the worst of illegal immigration and implement policies that honor America’s goodness to immigrants in a way that benefits the country. We can have law and order and confront police brutality.

Many Republicans and conservative independents sense that under Trump something critical is broken in America. We aren’t living up to “e pluribus unum.” Trumpism is a cancer that causes Republicans to lose moral authority and intellectual vitality. A dose of chemotherapy is needed to purge the party of this malignancy.

For us dissenters, this election will not be about parties and more tribalism. It will be about reclaiming core values like respect for the truth, governing competency, civility, and strengthening the various institutions and traditions weakened by Trump.