Biden cannot win the general election solely with the Black super voters the likes of whom helped him carry South Carolina. To defeat Trump and his coalition of fraudulently-aggrieved white Americans, Biden will need the votes of Black people who, quite frankly, do not like him and have to convince ourselves anew every morning that we’re voting to remove Trump and not to support him.

But if Biden’s team continues to allow him to believe that he has some preferred seat in the Black community that gives him the right to comment on our Blackness, then America may wake up November 4th to the unthinkable nightmare that White America has successfully re-elected the White-Supremacist-In-Chief who has presided over the deaths of 160,000 Americans, 40+ million job losses, 5.4 million newly uninsured during a pandemic, and one third of this country unable to pay their rent.

And if this were to happen, it would be the fault of no one else but white voters, their laughably-fictionalized aggrievement complex, their commitment to a racist president, and Biden’s inability to stop speaking about Black Americans as if he hasn’t learned a single thing since vigorously pushing the 1994 crime bill into law.