“This disease causes long-term health effects!”/“There is so much we don’t know!”

The strength of a hurricane is irrelevant to whether or not we can stop it. Should we burn our city to the ground to “avoid storm damage”? Because that’s what lockdowns do. With fear and despair, we are killing thousands and thousands of people whose lives could have been saved. The exact same percentage of the population will get COVID, lockdown or no lockdown, and we are currently foisting the majority of that burden on the working class and poor while rich young professionals take Zoom calls. This is unconscionable and disgusting. It needs to stop.

“There is so much we don’t know.” Indeed, and this will never change. We will never know for sure what COVID19 or any other virus has in store for us. Even if we knew every detail, we couldn’t stop nature.

So fight. Tell the truth. Do not be silenced.