Forget for a moment that Don Jr.’s been a Republican for about five minutes and is more like the idiot sandwich on Hell’s Kitchen to Cheney’s Gordon Ramsay. It doesn’t take long to see the entire exercise is not merely a Festivus moment of airing grievances, but a look beyond Election Day 2020.

Whether Trump wins or loses, people are making their plays ahead of time. If Trump wins, the HFC and Gaetz will argue Cheney is not an acceptable leader within the new GOP. Should Trump lose, they want someone to blame, and it won’t be the guy with the itchy Twitter fingers.

No one knows how the election will shake out, but as it stands now, Trump is in a world of trouble. In every head to head matchup poll between Trump and Joe Biden since February, Biden leads in all but three — and two of those were a tie. Trump’s RealClearPolitics job approval average stands at 42%, and disapproval is 56%. His approval on the handling of the pandemic plummeted over the last two months.

Trump, of course, is responsible for his behavior. Despite all the opportunities to step up, the president continually proves himself incapable of carrying out his official duties in a manner that befits the office. But according to Texas Rep. Chip Roy, the real problem is Cheney offering up praise for Dr. Anthony Fauci.