The bill is not expected to contain any new aid for states and cities, a demand sought by Democrats that even numerous Republicans and White House officials had appeared open to pursuing, according to someone briefed on the initial plans. The legislation is expected to give state and local governments more flexibility to spend money they were already appropriated. This provision was first reported by Axios.

Details on Monday remained in flux.

Republicans are seeking to curb the current infusion of federal spending on unemployment benefits as they try to constrain the overall cost of the relief package. They have had to wrestle with how to factor inexpensive priorities such as state aid and school funding, which is one reason the state aid is expected to fall out of the initial offer.

With a substantial number of conservative Republicans wary of spending too much additional federal money, GOP lawmakers have discussed proposing the federal benefit be cut from an additional $600 per week to between $200 per week and $400 per week.