As we near the final 100 days of the campaign, all three legs of Trump’s original plan have been cut from under him.

1) With unemployment at 11 percent and over 140,000 Americans dead from the virus, Keep America Great no longer rings true. So instead he is forced to try to sell Make America Great Again, Again! The problem with the MAGAA 2020 strategy is that it requires Trump to actually do something to demonstrate we are back on the right path—like, say, to take some action to mitigate the virus—rather than just complain about the bad things other people are doing.

2) The Hunter Biden/Burisma scandal already got him impeached and was a massive stretch to begin with, in comparison to an ongoing FBI investigation into Clinton. In this current news environment, he doesn’t even have much of a chance at doing what he does best—manufacturing fake scandals—because it’s hard to see a path back to the front pages for Joe Biden’s large adult son, no matter what nonsense Trump and the Russkies can drum up.

3) Sleepy Joe is starting to sound like a compliment and President Trump’s own performance is not bolstering the contrast with Biden on the issue of mental acuity.