We also learned the new boyfriend gets tested every two weeks because his job is considered high risk. It had been almost two weeks since his last test. Several of his colleagues had tested positive since this nightmare started. “Oh goodie,” I thought, “bring on the wine tasting and let’s hope the president of Belarus is right!”

In the 72 hours to follow, as I followed the Belarusian president’s advice to combat the virus with alcohol; they never wore masks in the house, cooking or not. We heard all sorts of contradictory COVID-19 theories. He, in particular, deemed himself an expert because he’d played golf with an 80-year-old doctor who was hospitalized for the virus but didn’t die.

The coup de grace was at Friday dinner. We barbecued, but the outdoor table didn’t allow for proper social distancing. So the married couple moved to a side area about 10 feet away. When the new boyfriend walked out of the house and saw how we’d configured the dining experience, he cursed at it and retreated to his bedroom to sleep off his day of wine, setting the tone for the rest of the weekend.