“I think Biden’s strategy is to let Trump fail,” said Ari Fleischer, former press secretary to President George W. Bush. “Make Biden as small as possible, don’t make him an issue, don’t put him in a position to say ‘You ain’t black’ to anybody else again,” referring to a controversial comment that Biden made on the popular morning radio show The Breakfast Club.

Fleischer admits that part of what makes this current campaign challenging for Trump is that he has a “shadow” opponent in Joe Biden…

For starters, he thinks the nickname “sleepy Joe” is off base.

“With three and half years of President Trump being as red hot as he is, and with the COVID scare underway, ‘sleepy’ also connotes calm, which very well may be the antidote for many voters to the Trump era,” Fleischer said.

The president has been trying out alternative names, like “corrupt Joe,” but Fleischer recommends painting Biden as “weak.”