The Senate race splits passionate Trump supporters across the country. Some, like the president, disapprove of Sessions’s recusal in the Trump-Russia investigation. Others credit Sessions with shaping the Trump immigration agenda as an adviser to the 2016 presidential campaign and doing more to implement it once in office than any other Cabinet official. They view Tuberville as antithetical to the more populist, nationalist variant of conservatism…

“Back when the leadership of the Republican Party pushed in secret to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, and they did, Sen. Jeff Sessions stood almost alone in opposing it,” Carlson said. “He opposed intervening in Syria against a president who saved that country’s Christians. He opposed expanding our totally pointless presence in Afghanistan.” Carlson called Sessions “one of the very few politicians I do respect.”

But Republican voters in Alabama will decide. An Auburn University at Montgomery poll released on Friday found Tuberville leading Sessions 46.5% to 31.3%, with 22.2% undecided. Tuberville finished ahead of Sessions by a slim margin in the first round of voting in May, taking 33.4% to the former attorney general’s 31.6%.

“I think it shows the same trend that our poll showed from May, which is that Tuberville is going to win by double digits,” said Brent Buchanan, a Republican strategist with knowledge of local politics.