This time, if we roughly extrapolate the COVID-19 deaths reported so far for an entire year (by doubling them, as we did above), we find that coronavirus deaths are causing a substantial death toll. For instance, if we assume 11,000 deaths for the 45-54 age group, COVID-19 becomes the #4 cause of death. Likewise, assuming 48,000 deaths for the 65-74 age group, COVID-19 becomes the #3 cause of death.

Across all age groups, a death toll upwards of 200,000 people would make coronavirus the overall #3 cause of death in America in 2020. This is consistent with analysis we did previously.

Combining all of the above into a more understandable picture of the contribution that COVID-19 makes toward mortality in each age group, we can examine the percentage of deaths in each age group that are due to coronavirus.