“How are local law enforcement officials and residents reacting?” Lemon asked.

“They’re not happy,” Wheeler said. “The law enforcement officials elected officials were unified. We didn’t ask for the troops. We don’t want them in the city. The tactics they’re using are very un-American. Everybody should pay attention to this. They’re coming into the city. Unmarked vans. Pull people off the street. They don’t necessarily have probable cause. They don’t actually identify who they are to the people they’re pulling into the van. There is really serious constitutional issues here.”

“Not only not charge them in some cases they didn’t even identify who they were,” Wheeler added. “So we have people who have come back and said I feel like I was kidnapped. They didn’t tell me why they pulled me in. Who they were. Why they were here. And that’s not the kind of thing you see in America.”