The whistleblower said that they witnessed concerning activities in Washington, D.C., New York Florida and overseas.

The State Department redacted large portions of the four-page document — including names, dates and specific details of the questionable conduct — that it shared with American Oversight, a watchdog group that sued the department for whistleblower complaints regarding Pompeo’s conduct.

Justifying many of those redactions, the State Department said that the information was the subject of an ongoing investigation – confirming for the first time that at least one inquiry into the secretary continues after President Donald Trump fired the department’s longtime inspector general, Steve Linick, at Pompeo’s request.

“In some ways, this is good news, because there’s some indication now that the inspector general’s office has not backed off of investigating the secretary’s conduct,” Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight, said. “But in other ways, there’s much we still don’t know about that conduct.”