Parents of school-aged students give much the same responses as the nation overall to all in-person K-12 schooling this fall. While many are willing to have some in-person education, they would prefer a blending of in-classroom and online education, which is the working plan for schools in New York City. should take place.

Republicans are more likely to favor in-person learning this fall, but only one in three Republicans support all in-person education.

For the most part, Americans would keep various parts of the economy closed, though there continues to be a partisan split. Two-thirds of Republicans would open indoor dining and public beaches, while a majority overall would not. Republicans are closely divided on reopening amusement parks, though two-thirds of the public overall would not do that. In addition, there is a clear party divide on opening churches: by nearly two to one Republicans would open them, by 53 percent to 39 percent, Americans overall would not.