“Joining me now [is] virologist Joseph Fair, who recently recovered from COVID-19 himself,” said Chuck Todd on Meet The Press on June 14. “Dr. Fair, let me start with you because I would like you to share a little bit about your recovery from COVID-19. What should Americans take away from your experience?”

“I don’t have any of those underlying conditions, I’m 42 years old. So you wouldn’t think, clinically, that I would be one of those people that would get so very ill. I can say that that seven to eight days prior to me hospitalizing myself when I was doing the self-treatment, that was the worst I’ve ever felt. I probably spent 23 out of 24 hours in bed,” said Dr. Fair, who joined NBC as a science contributor in March as the coronavirus pandemic hit. “Those people that are young and think they’re invincible or people that just don’t think it’s going to affect them that greatly even if they do get it, I can say that my own experience was the complete opposite.”

What Todd didn’t tell the audience that day, and Dr. Joseph Fair didn’t offer up either, was that Fair had already had at least five negative coronavirus tests. Two days ago on Twitter, Dr. Fair revealed the results of his antibody test – negative again. He never had COVID-19. And that’s just the beginning of the troubling story.