Meanwhile, America’s best minds in the public and private sectors are working as fast as possible on a vaccine. One thing is clear: This country cannot afford another shutdown. Some doctors say we should all shelter in place for the rest of the year to kill the virus. That’s one scientific opinion – but it’s completely impractical. The cost to the society would be catastrophic.

The president, governors and Congress continue to weigh the costs and benefits to the public – what keeps families and the economy healthy and society functioning. That supports reopening, not another shutdown. We are giving scientists time and almost limitless resources to develop an effective vaccine. Meantime, we need to keep the economy growing so Americans can go back to work safely and provide for themselves and their families.

Make no mistake: A second shutdown would plunge us into a deep recession. The fallout would further cripple workers who are just starting to dig out. The better way is getting back to work with the sensible precautions we all know.