Lost amid all the media focus on Kanye’s wild behavior, however, is something that is demonstrably true — Kanye is the most sane candidate running for the office of president of the United States, for he is the only one who openly (and eloquently) acknowledges his mental illness.

The ongoing fixation on Donald Trump’s cognitive acuity is well-documented to the extent that it’s become literally comical (comedian Sarah Cooper has built a career recently on a bit that involves lip-syncing the President), and it’s a sad joke that Joe Biden’s apparent lack of mental stability can’t even be plausibly denied by his supporters. Kanye, meanwhile, has been anything but shy about sharing the details of his own insanity (on social media, as well on songs such as ‘Yikes’). So he’s actually not insane.

There are other reasons to support the idea of a Kanye West candidacy: his story is the most inspiring — the most distinctly ‘American’ — of any candidate in memory. He began his career in the Midwest as a struggling music producer and wound up making a name for himself with an elite group of musicians in New York. He helped re-define the San Fernando Valley as a desirable residential enclave and subsequently discovered a new level of appreciation for the ‘Real’ United States in Wyoming.