Kmele Foster, the host of the libertarian-leaning podcast “The Fifth Column” and a professed West fan, said he could understand a conservative’s attraction to West as a leader — increasingly religious and standing in opposition to the authoritarian Trump. Foster also emphasized that his first concern was for West’s mental health.

“It’s hard to imagine President Kanye dispatching federal law enforcement officers to go and try to quell the concern that is manifesting itself off in the streets of Portland,” Foster said, referencing Trump’s recent decision to send unmarked officers to Portland, where videos showed them detaining protesters in unmarked cars.

“President Kanye flies in and he gets into the street himself in an appeal to people,” Foster added. “He’s giving a Kanye speech. And at a minimum, it mystifies everyone on all sides. But maybe it brings people together and calms the storm. And maybe he puts on a show? Who knows.”