All around the country, Hispanic consumers are voting with their wallets in response, and Goya products in many stores are being limited to just two per customer since the wokesters declared war on the company. PJ Media reports that shoppers are “posting photos of empty Goya grocery shelves in their area.”

Our bodegueros want to do what’s best for the communities we serve. We are not here to make a political statement in support of any politician, but we can tell when elected officials don’t give a damn about the opinions or the needs of the people they represent. We can tell the difference between actually helping communities and harming Hispanic-immigrant-run stores that work long hours to make ends meet amid a challenging economic and health crisis.

People have a right to speak their mind, but these Goya boycotters want to eliminate that right by enforcing political conformity on one of this country’s most successful job creators.

As store owners, we will never undermine any Hispanic entrepreneur whose company has done so much to demonstrate the value and importance of Hispanic immigration to the United States.