Women in Atwood’s Gilead — the fictional future America hijacked and overthrown by environmentalist Christian terrorists — are subject to either domestic servitude, sexual slavery, or death on the basis of their fertility, class, and past heresies. Men and women alike who violate any of Gilead’s rules — be it insufficient loyalty to the state, keeping a Quran, or in the case of the latter sex, read — are surgically maimed, tortured, or hoisted away in black vans to meet an all but certain death. The guiding goal of Gilead, other than to establish a perversion of a Christian state, is to reverse catastrophically falling birth rates due to unprecedented pollution and the uncontrolled effects of sexually transmitted diseases.

What’s happening in China is the communist fundamentalist version of this — a racially charged version, wherein the Chinese Communist Party is campaigning for ethnic Han Chinese to have a baby boom, while engineering the racial cleansing of the predominately Muslim Uighur ethnic minority.

Uighur women have it even worse than Gilead’s “Jezebels,” the fictional fallen women sterilized and raped by elite agents of the state. Unlike the Jezebels, who have the days mostly to themselves and live in a seedy Playboy Mansion-style prison, Uighurs live in de facto concentration camps where women are subject to sterilization and rape. CCP officials have attested to a state-sanctioned and funded program in which Han men are encouraged to rape Uighur women in the name of “promot[ing] ethnic unity,” and those not forced into formal arrangements are regularly gang-raped, according to refugees who have escaped the camps.