This is why I am so baffled by Trump’s decision to cancel this year’s convention, which had been scheduled to take place in Jacksonville just before Labor Day. (It was originally slated for the same week, but in Charlotte.) Holding the convention in the middle of a pandemic that has metamorphosed into the worst season of urban unrest since 1968 (which had its own memorable political convention) would have been a challenge of almost indescribable proportions, with distinct security, public health, and logistical dimensions to which I cannot imagine anyone being equal. The whole thing would have been a nightmare.

Trump would have loved it. Especially if, as virtually everyone expected, there were going to be protests and counter-protests, antifa teenagers dressed in parodies of Spanish Civil War militia costumes duking it out with equally stupid-looking Reddit fascists, riots, fires, looting, constant sirens. It would have been his chance to make the pitch he is convinced the American people want to hear about “law and order.”