U.S. colleges are bracing for a devastating drop in international students this fall, especially ones from China, where many U.S.-bound students are now postponing plans—and even rethinking the value of an American degree…

At some U.S. universities, international students account for upward of 15% of enrollment—and an even higher share of tuition revenue. There were nearly 370,000 Chinese nationals, or 34% of all foreign students, enrolled in U.S. higher-education institutions during the 2018-19 academic year, according to the Institute of International Education, or IIE.
China RisingThe number of international students in theU.S. has soared in the past decade, growthlargely fueled by China. The rate of growth hasrecently slowed.Number of international studentsSource: Institute of International EducationNote: Years mark start of the school year.

Chinese students account for one-third, or nearly $15 billion, of the $44.7 billion that foreign students in the U.S. spent on tuition and other costs, including living expenses and books in 2018, according to Commerce Department data.

“It’s pretty impactful for that volume of students to not be able to participate as part of a U.S. academic program,” said Rachel Banks, a senior director at Nafsa: Association of International Educators.