Trying to keep the party intact by adopting some of the far-left’s policies without losing his relatively-moderate base, Biden already yielded large pieces of turf to the Green New Dealers. He’s been dodgy about the radicals’ “defund the police” movement, saying only that he wants to “redirect” some police funds to social-service programs.

Now comes the added burden of having his ostensible allies tacitly endorse violence and lawbreaking as legitimate forms of protest. Sure, they hate Trump, but do they really want to see their cities made unlivable to prove it?

And while the Dems don’t want to dampen the anti-Trump enthusiasm of their young voters, they will hand the president four more years if the disorder alienates middle-class voters in swing states.

The blue-state pols are not just playing with fire on their home turfs, they’re playing with the fears of voters across the country. You don’t have to live in one of those burning cities to be afraid that your town will be next.