To translate, Christian is declining to aid the investigation into Amy’s undeniably criminal conduct, effectively ending the case, because… social justice? Because there are other racists? Or perhaps in a more prescient mantra for the moment, we’re all subliminally racist, just quiet Karens waiting to be caught on a viral video and punished in the court of public opinion.

Fans of this race riot-ridden moment have likened it to the #MeToo movement, so let’s draw a parallel: Would it make any sense for a victim of criminal sexual assault or harassment in the autumn of 2017 not to seek justice in an actual courtroom just because sexual violence is a broader problem than one perpetrator? That would be patently absurd, and that Christian sees some sort of equivalence between what Amy did — potentially put his life in danger by telling the cops that a black man was threatening her, a white woman — and the laundry list of grievances posited by trigger-happy protesters just goes to demonstrate the fundamental unseriousness of this moment.