As novel coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpass 3.3 million, a local bar owner in northern Kentucky, where a statewide mask mandate was issued earlier this month, was seen declaring, “We’re not wearing any masks…we want to have fun,” cheered on by nearly two dozen maskless customers in a viral video shared on his social media account.

In a Facebook Live video, Patrick Townsend, the owner of Town’s End Bar and Grill in Florence, part of the Greater Cincinnati area, said: “What we’re saying right now is, f*ck you, we’re not wearing any masks. We are Americans—we’re going to do what we want and we want to have fun.”

The video also showed roughly 20 customers standing in a line with arms linked alongside each other, Cincinnati’s WXIX-TV reported. The video has been taken down by Townsend, who claimed he usually removes his videos the day after they are posted, WXIX-TV reported.