We see stammering white Democratic liberals, like Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, devoured by the hard-left Black Lives Matter that demands the defunding of municipal police departments. And the woke Minneapolis town council agreed with them.

Democrats fear pushing back too hard against BLM on police defunding, but they do see the political problem for their presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The Rev. Al Sharpton went out to reshape the message, saying BLM really didn’t mean it. But they do mean it.

History informs us that liberty and democracy aren’t the natural state of humankind. A democratic republic is difficult enough to maintain, even in cultures with a history of ideals vital for nourishing a democracy.

Now, though, Americans are being encouraged to “de-colonize” our home libraries. So which books do I rid myself of first? Aristotle, Edmund Burke, “The Road to Serfdom” or the Bible?