“About an hour ago a black SUV stopped in front of my home and laid on the horn for a while. Message clear, I know where you live. Here’s a message for you. I’m a kid from Dewey/Stone area. Born tough, raised tough. Blue collar. I won’t go easy if you come for me,” tweeted Patrick Phelan, president of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police and also the Western New York Association of Chiefs of Police, on Tuesday.

In Bozeman, Montana, local news outlets reported that vandals spray-painted the words “pig” and “1312” on the home of a law enforcement family’s garage door.

In another vandalism instance in a nearby locality, a profane anti-police note was left at the home of family members of the late Gallatin County Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Allmendinger. Allmendinger was killed in the line of duty last fall after being pinned beneath his car while trying to rescue a stranded motorist.

The note read: “Imagine being such a piece of shit you were proud to be a cop right now. Go f— yourself and take down this ‘blue pride’ flag. Black Lives Matter. Your neighbors.”