Inside the wild race for the right to host "nightmare" RNC

A spokesperson for the city of Tampa, host of the 2012 GOP convention, said it “would be unrealistic and irresponsible to consider that,” while the press secretary for Nashville’s mayor said “we have no plans to use our limited public funds to recruit this convention at this time.” A spokesperson for the Democratic mayor of Phoenix, meanwhile, stated that Arizona “is not over COVID-19” and that “discussions about gatherings of any kind during this pandemic must be led by medical professionals and no one else.”…

“Logistically it’s a nightmare,” Ed Rollins, chairman of the pro-Trump political group Great America PAC, told The Daily Beast.

For Rollins, who helped lead communications strategy during the 1980 Republican convention in Detroit, Trump would be wise to “try and limit the show” and bill the event as more of a “meeting” than a big jamboree, while saving some money wherever possible.

“I would argue, let’s get it on, get something picked, get in there, and get out as quickly as possible. Don’t drag it out. And control the cost, because ultimately, very few people will change their votes,” he said.