As Democrats and Republicans once again prepare to face off over immigration ahead of November, as they did in 2016 and 2018, Team Biden has been privately crafting an outreach strategy that goes beyond the traditional Democratic election model to target states with large Latino populations. Starting with the launch of a $15 million ad on Thursday, the first of the general election in six states that Trump won, including blue states he flipped, the campaign is expanding outreach to areas with smaller Latino immigrant populations where razor-thin margins could determine who wins the White House.

“The livelihoods of so many teeter on what happens on Nov. 3,” the senior adviser said. “And that doesn’t just mean in states like Arizona and Florida, but it also means that it will have an outsized influence in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other places with very fast growing immigrant and Latino populations that are poised to be decision makers in this election.”

The Biden campaign’s multi-million ad buy will run in English and Spanish and comes as Trump continues to lash out publicly as he plummets in polls and grapples with an unfavorable decision from the top court. The president, himself, even speculated whether the Supreme Court liked him in a tweet Thursday.