The original Trump campaign was predicated on a simple idea: That the voters want what they want.

Trump 2016 eschewed all of the traditional modes of organizing and targeting. It postulated that sophisticated campaign mechanics were meaningless because you couldn’t force voters to show up for a candidate they didn’t like. This anti-strategy was, in its own way, a rejection of the animating idea of the Romney 2012 campaign: that organization and infrastructure are more important than enthusiasm.

Yet Trump 2020 is in many ways a return to Romney 2012.

There is no idea behind Trump 2020. The attempt to brand “Keep America Great” for the reelection campaign was dead on arrival. The country is now in shambles. The president is deeply unpopular. Save a gigantic corporate tax cut, most of his major legislative initiatives failed during his first term. He has neither plans to complete them nor new initiatives to take their place.

Instead, Trump 2020 has the Parscale digital operation and the assurance that Big Data will be enough to hump the campaign to a narrow Electoral College victory.