“It’s her ability to say the truth in a way that really gets under his skin, I think it’s just reminding people there’s a lot more to this story than what he says,” said one former Pelosi aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “In this situation with COVID-19 and truly needing the facts and that’s a way of actually breaking through the clutter.”

The aide added, “In this environment you use everything that you have.”

That strategy may rub some Democrats the wrong way, but others are welcoming the sight of their leader taking the gloves off more often, not to be petty—though they enjoy seeing Trump get it as much as he gives it—but as a show of strength.

“There is a benefit in owning him like this from time to time,” said a House Democratic aide. “She engages in these fights and it says, I am not going to be pushed around, I am powerful and my power is not dependent on you.”