Trump’s biggest deficit against Biden: Empathy

People who dislike both Trump and Biden now lean strongly toward Biden. That doesn’t mean it will always be thus, but it suggests that those who recognize Trump’s liabilities are much more willing to vote for the alternative.

And chief among those liabilities appears to be empathy. Of all the issues on which Quinnipiac compares the two 2020 candidates, none carries the same imbalance.

Trump’s number on this is similar to where his approval rating has been for a long time. Biden, though, is viewed as being much stronger on empathy than overall. While 45 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of Biden in the same poll, his empathy number jumps 16 points. And while 41 percent have an unfavorable impression of the former vice president, that number drops to 30 percent when it comes to whether he cares about average Americans.

The big question from here is whether that matters more than in 2016.