Abrams’s unusually high-profile efforts to get the nod — bolstered by rock-star Democratic credentials earned as a voting-rights activist and an almost-successful bid to become the country’s first black female governor — make it likely there will be some disappointment no matter what direction Biden goes, according to his allies and other Democrats.

Abrams has propelled herself into the running mate conversation through sheer force of will and her supporters’ enthusiasm. Her omnipresence has increased pressure on Biden to select a black woman, even if it isn’t her — a demand some Biden allies don’t feel is helpful. And if Biden does not select Abrams, he will disappoint some activists excited about the possibility of a young, energetic African American woman joining the ticket.

“It has created a no-win situation for this choice,” said Avis Jones-DeWeever, a political scientist and advocate for black women in politics, who hopes Harris gets the nod.