Trump has been pushing a debunked conspiracy linking Joe Scarborough to the murder of a young aide. There is no basis to the smear, but the president continues to ignore pleas from the woman’s husband and others to stop. Even some of Trump’s reliable allies seem appalled by the malignancy and cruelty of the attacks.

But Rush is here to explain that it’s all about the “fun” of triggering folks who care about morality. The lie doesn’t matter. Moralizing is a joke. Cruelty is cleverness.

This is, of course, vintage Rush.

The two-minute clip captures the full range of his sophistry and cynicism: his divination of eight-dimensional chess, his pretzeled rationalizations, the hint that he is letting his audience in on some clever “secret knowledge,” and, of course, the “fun” of “watching these holier-than-thou leftist journalists react like their moral sensibilities have been forever rocked and can never recover.”