Mueller doesn’t exit alone. Comey and his crew already are unmasked as goons, but if there is any justice in Washington, they will face prosecution.

The Flynn documents also show that Obama himself was actively engaged in the case and highlight again the suspect Oval Office meeting on Jan. 5, 2017. Comey, Rice, Clapper, Yates and Vice President Joe Biden all were there when a trap was set for Comey’s meeting with President-elect Trump the next day.

Instead of telling Trump about the investigation into his campaign, they agreed Comey would show Trump only the two pages from the infamous Steele dossier that made salacious allegations against Trump. After pulling the president aside to do that, Comey raced to his car and typed a memo about Trump’s reactions, proof the briefing was actually a setup.

The documents’ mention of Obama’s role probably helped spark his Friday attack on Trump. He knows the fawning and biased Washington media will play up his criticisms on the Flynn case and the pandemic response rather than deal with the evidence that he participated in spying on his successor.