Step 4: Dogpile

Thanks to the concerted efforts of internet citizens like you, the spark of controversy has become a raging inferno. The world is watching, the trend pieces are dropping, and the air smells like sweet, sweet outrage.

Enjoy yourself! You earned this! Ride high on the dopamine wave of all those likes and retweets, united with the digital hordes in your hatred of a common enemy. If you’ve been sitting on a damaging screenshot, a cutting takedown, or an anecdote that just goes to show this person was Always Bad, Actually, trot it out and watch it trend. No grudge is too ancient, no blow too low. The only rule, at this moment, is that everything the offender does is wrong.

Did he make light of the outrage? GROSS CALLOUSNESS. Was she wounded by an insult? WEAPONIZED FRAGILITY. A locked account is COWARDICE. A vanished one is a CHALLENGE. This is a reckoning! It doesn’t just stop because the primary target apologizes, or deletes his account, or dies. Look for replies defending the offense, and ratio them until they’re gone (but not before you take a screenshot, just in case.) Email the offender’s employer and demand she be fired. Oooh, is that her parents’ phone number?