Rep. Elise Stefanik sent Cuomo a letter co-signed by several state and county representatives asking for guidance on summer camps, since Stefanik’s congressional district is home to many of them. Cuomo’s response was complete nonsense: “What you can say to Rep. Stefanik and all our great Washington representatives: We could provide rental assistance, child care for essential workers, you know what it takes? Money. Funding. Money.”

What in the world does any of that have to do with camp?

Camp in this case is shorthand for summer child care. When the school year ends, many parents eagerly sign up their kids for camp. The kids get to vent energy. Parents can go to work and, yes, get a little rest.

For many if not all parents, the hang-up isn’t money. It’s about Cuomo giving the order to permit camps to reopen. In Connecticut, camps are set to open at the end of June. What’s our timeline?

How will the parents whose jobs are in phases one, two and three do their jobs when there is no summer child care option?