Some have argued that a premature opening of our economy could lead to a new explosion of the virus and do even more damage. They utilize a pre-shutdown equation that shows that every coronavirus patient infected 2.5 more people. They ascribe the same math to infection rate post-lockdown. This theory is flawed because the lockdown has changed American behavior toward public interaction. That will limit community spread of this virus.

Americans now understand the importance of wearing masks, repeatedly washing our hands and frequently disinfecting surfaces. We understand the new social order of not shaking hands or being too close to one another. I trust the American people. After all this has cost us in lives and treasure, we will act responsibly as we begin to move toward the new normal. Leaders who do not understand that about their citizens underestimate us and are causing unnecessary damage to our future.

Will the course of action that I advocate lead to a risk-free America where no lives are threatened? Of course not. Nor will the actions being taken by the “lockdown until everyone can be tested” advocates, either. No war is risk-free.