The 30 control people for the teams were briefed Monday by commissioner Rob Manfred and his staff on what exactly will be put on paper and given to the union for its perusal. MLB and the Players Association have been informally speaking for weeks about these issues, so the union already has a strong idea about what the key elements will be.

The current plan is likely to offer an 82-game schedule in which teams would play against division rivals and the regional division in the other league — so the AL East vs. the NL East, for example. It is possible teams will play longer series than three or four games. That plus the regionalizing of the schedule is designed to limit as much travel as possible.

The current plan is for 30-man rosters, at least initially, with a 20-man taxi squad to provide depth as the season goes along. There also will be a proposal for a universal DH and playoffs expanded from 10 to 14 teams.