But hold on, doesn’t it matter if Biden is actually innocent? Yes, he was part of an administration that tore down some crucial protections for the accused. Yes, Democrats entertained absurd allegations about Justice Kavanaugh. Yes, they condemned Bob Packwood while excusing Teddy Kennedy. Yes, Democrats filleted Clarence Thomas while giving Bill Clinton a pass (or many). And yet, what have we become if we are indifferent to actual innocence in our rush to settle scores?

As a policymaker, Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for his poor judgment about standards of proof in sexual misbehavior cases. It’s quite a different matter to say that he personally should face a false accusation to achieve poetic justice.

Did conservatives not object, fairly, in the Kavanaugh case that a decades-old accusation is nearly impossible to verify? Did they not protest that Kavanaugh’s whole adult life, which contained not a hint of scandal, was evidence that he was not a sexual predator?