"The gambit could only work for Trump if there is no second wave"

“The idea that we can achieve economic development without a science-based approach is a fantasy,” said Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii). “Everybody understands we can’t stay closed forever. The question is, can we do it based on the whims of a president who doesn’t know what he’s talking about or based on the guidance from the people who know what they’re talking about?”

Kristen Soltis Anderson, a Republican pollster and co-founder of Echelon Insights, has also found indications that the White House may be overestimating the public’s eagerness to return to daily life — at least when weighed against the potential risks.

“If leaders appear overeager to go back to normal operations before Americans feel confident that we can do so safely, those groups who are at particular risk of the health consequences — seniors — may be none too thrilled with that direction,” Anderson wrote in an email.

Yet inside the White House, many top advisers argue that although Trump deserves praise for any economic recovery, he should not be held accountable for new virus outbreaks as the country starts to reopen. Any fault, they say, likely rests with the nation’s governors.