He reviewed the facts of the Flynn case and the unmasking, saying “there is nothing about it that is sinister in and of itself.” Abrams distinguished it from the Hillary Clinton investigation saying that in the Clinton server case there was “wrongdoing” by Clinton and the question there was whether it was a crime.

Abrams also said it’s certainly fair to criticize the leak in the Flynn case, but that doesn’t mean there’s any “Obamagate” scandal:

“Based on what we know today, this Obamagate theory is 100 percent bullshit… There isn’t an iota of evidence thus far to implicate President Obama or even any member of his inner circle, for that matter, in a crime or even wrongdoing when it comes to the unmasking of General Flynn. The only way you can possibly get there is you have to presume that the motives of the people involved were political and nefarious. Despite the fact that the inspector general has already determined there was no evidence that any launching of the Russia investigation, any key piece of it, was politically motivated. You have to make leaps to be able to say, ‘Aha, this is why it happened.’ Because based on the facts of what we know and what they knew at the time, there is nothing today to support the notion that this is a scandal.”