But figures don’t lie, even though liars can figure. Cuomo’s New York state somehow managed to become home to half of all American coronavirus cases and coronavirus deaths. To be sure, New York poses its own unique challenges. It is an international hub. Housing is more crowded. We all have seen, and many of us have walked, the famously crowded Manhattan streets. The New York City subway system is the antithesis of social distancing, where five people struggle for dear life, each to claim five inches of space on the ubiquitous straphanger’s pole. Beyond that, the city has an idiot for a mayor, and he in turn appointed as New York City Health Commissioner a medical miracle who urged the public to ignore social distancing and to go out mingling during the Chinese New Year, even as she later would refuse to provide protective masks for New York police, saying she did “not give two rat’s as-es” about them. So New York does have its challenges, at least some self-inflicted.

Even so, Cuomo owes the survivors of his 10,000 victims the most deep, heartfelt apology imaginable. And not one of those famous political “IF Apologies” — “IF I offended you by calling your mother a prostitute” … “IF I offended you by saying that your child is genetically defective” … “IF I offended you by mocking your racial identity, religious belief, ethnic heritage … ” Rather, Cuomo owes an incredibly candid, tearful apology for killing some 10,000 grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters — people — who were among society’s least able to defend themselves from his killing onslaught.