China reported five new confirmed cases by the end of Saturday, including two imported cases and three domestic cases—all in Jilin province in the northeastern region bordering Russia and North Korea.

Officials in the Fengman district of Jilin city, the provincial capital, on Sunday told residents they should stay at home, and shut down public spots including cinemas and karaoke bars.

The district is the second place in China to reimplement such steps since the country began to ease stay-at-home measures in early April. A week ago, Shulan, another city in Jilin province, banned public activities after a woman hired to wash police uniforms spread the virus to 21 others in a one-week period.

After the recent string of infections in the province, six senior-ranking officials in the cities of Jilin and Shulan were fired, state media reported Saturday. The officials were dismissed because of incompetence, according to Chinese media outlet Caixin.